Couldn’t Be The Same Without ‘Em

by | Jun 7, 2019

Couldn’t Be The Same Without ‘Em


Many of the glass and glazing industry heavy hitters, advocates, social media stars and mega marketing budget machines have chimed in on Mayor de Blasi’s recent efforts to call out “glass skyscrapers”. It’s been a great platform to let the world know that energy consumption in the built environment is a major concern. Much like the political climate, pick a side and spread your message. The power of social media allows us all to share our opinions should you want them or not.

The chasm of city and industry needs to fuel exposure to all relevant topics to the built environment, the impact it currently has and the future implications for future generations. If that was the Mayor’s intent, he hit the mark. 

Calling out the glass industry seems short sited to what is truly impacting the energy consumption of buildings. The glass industry has been evolving since 1665 and is radically progressive with constant innovation to address sustainability and energy efficiencies. There is no other material or component to a building that has evolved so well and established such diverse options to making buildings better.

There are so many possibilities with glass and how it directly interfaces with building performance it can be the easiest target to point to, both good and bad. Simply put, glass building facades are the most tangible “ROI” a developer can be sure of. Possibilities and proof points are endless.

One thing is absolutely certain, glass glazed facades aren’t going anywhere, PERIOD! Not in New York, not in Shanghai, Europe, or Faribault, MN…not in any building around the world that is spending someone’s (investor, institutional or personal) money to build a building. 

The two simple reasons why:

1)   People want to see outside

2)   Curb appeal

A year ago, I attended a Facades conference in New York and took the opportunity to reflect on my experience.

Last week I was back in NY and had the chance to take tours of some of the most amazing glass and glazing projects in the world.  It reaffirmed to me I got lucky taking this career path. Not because I got to gallivant around NY city on a beautiful sunny Wednesday, but because I flowed amongst the millions of people that – day in and day out – benefit from the built environment and the part glass buildings play.

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