Celebrating 10 Dynamic Years

by | Jul 7, 2017

Celebrating 10 Dynamic Years


Today marks my 10 year anniversary with SAGE Electrochromics and representing the SageGlass product. Although it will pass as another day, it is a milestone I am very proud and grateful for, both personally and professionally. It has been an amazing journey with many ups and downs, great achievements, lots of frustration, overbearing pressure and opportunity to learn each day. Coming from small town roots with big city ambitions I am proud to have stuck with one company for this long and fortunate they continue to invest in me. Being a father to 3 boys I hold myself to a high standard in being their role model with values of commitment, hard work and dedication. Simple to write, harder in practice.

I have had the opportunity to travel the world telling the SageGlass story and been very fortunate in the success we have had. In the early days of promotion we had limited product function (clear and fully tinted), small form factor (40″ x 60″) and a very small project portfolio.  Over the years we have taken the market feedback and continue to innovate the form and function of SageGlass – giving us the opportunity to compete for some of the most prestigious glass facades around the world. I challenge you to see for yourself – it really is a remarkable product.

The SageGlass team has grown tremendously too. If I recall correctly I believe I was the 41st employee for the company – we are now eight times that size! I have had the chance to work and learn from some amazingly talented people that have pushed my boundaries of intelligence (which is limited) and challenged my critical thinking.

So, in reflection of my time at SAGE, it can be summarized into very simple terms:

  1.  I still have a lot to learn
  2. It isn’t easy making a market – it’s actually extremely difficult
  3. Teamwork is a powerful word that takes practice
  4. Your reputation is your greatest asset, invest in it
  5. Actions always speak louder than words
  6. Be yourself, you are who you are for a reason
  7. It’s ok if you don’t know the answer, people will respect you more for the work you put into finding it
  8. Find a mentor and invest in that relationship
  9. And just remember, competition will only make you stronger

The dynamic glass market has been just that – dynamic. The category continues to see many different brands and products coming to market – with many more emerging. I am confident in SAGE’s market position; it truly is the result of the passion our team brings to what we do, our belief in the product we make and experience we create for our customers.

It was the product that brought me to SAGE; the people are the reason I’ve stayed.

Here’s to the next 10 years.


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